Biel-tan: Revengeance

The other distraction project this week has been revisiting some Dire Avengers that I sort-of finished last year. I say sort-of finished – I think what I mean is that I got them to a point where they were good enough to hit the tabletop, even though I wasn’t entirely happy with them, but I didn’t really know how to take them forward. Basically I’d left the Avengers in a spot where their metallic blue-purple armour was nicely moody but was a little bit difficult to look at – metallic colour schemes can tend to do that as light cannons off them at all sorts of angles, making them difficult to photograph and a bit tough on the eye.

Inspiration eventually hit me from a direction that I’m sure my little elf friends would strongly disapprove of:

This dude!

The big lad above has kind of a feathered bleached bone highlight all over his armour that stops him from looking too twinkly when light hits him – I decided to try giving the Avengers the same treatment and I think it’s a big improvement.

The big surfaces on the helmets were asking for a little freehand, so I added some totally made-up sigils of vengeance and I’m much happier now to call these guys finished – at least until I learn how to do something else to improve them.

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