[stubbornly untitled nurglers]: Created in the Image of Suffering

Ringo, John, Paul & George (997.M41)

Kept you waiting, huh? Nah, I haven’t earned that; it’s only been a couple weeks. But the bigger uglies (I’ll have some poxwalkers in there eventually) of this kill team are built and ready for paint! One fighter, one champion and two gunners to add to the dude I painted previously. And Dave the nurglo-skull! Can’t forget Dave.

This fighter is one of the least-converted members of the team, as I really only had to do some very minor repairs. At some point I think I must have been trying to use that axe on a different model, because when I dug it out of storage it had been painted in a completely different colour scheme to the marine himself. The axe needed a replacement power cable and a new haft, which was easily done by nicking a big ol’ thigh bone from the old fantasy zombies kit.

The much bigger effort these last couple weeks has been getting the unit champion ready to go. When I first retrieved him from storage and started stripping the old, aborted paintjob it turned out that he needed substantial repairs to the power fist (which, again, it looks like I’d hacked up with a view to a different model), as well as a replacement for his original head-horn/blade-type thing. One of the downsides to these Dark Vengance renegades is that a lot of the horns, spiky bits and other organic details were modelled in such fine detail that they’re actually rather fragile. It’s a bit too easy to break off the very sharp points, in particular. Anyway, I am fortunate to have horns & spikes a plenty laying around my place, so this guy got a few horns stolen from a bloodletter skull, which were big enough to keep him looking aggressively conspicous and conspicuously aggressive, as a champion of chaos really should be.

His smashy fist was a more involved task, requiring some amount of resculpting. I was pretty pleased with the finish I managed to achieve with the greenstuff (never a strength of mine) but still, I decided to add a patented Giant Skull of Distraction, just to make myself feel a bit more secure with how things were looking. I even got a bit adventurous and decided to try and make it look like the skull was emerging from the armour a little bit, added a couple of rivets and called it good. We’ll see how it all paints up, but I’m encouraged by the initial pass of liquid greenstuff.

All that’s left now is to wait for the humidity to ease up a bit here in tropical north-east England and get to painting! Happy hobbying, everybody.

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