Having reached a point with the rowdy goatherds where I felt like it was time for a break, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks finishing up the last few drukhari for my kill team, hereby officially named The Murmaiderers. These flooded chemical forest dwellers have only taken the best part of 6 months to get done, which for me is practically speed painting! Away thee from the Shelf of Shame, and unto the Cabinet of Completion you go.

Gethys Ancarryn, called The Last; Skaithe, Spite-sayer of Anhar Sump, Aenurh Mistdancer

Feiverh “Dream” Vaxal; Ievann Skol, thrice-dead; Yseult Trestyn, The Red Rain
Keryth Malhadris; Xorel Noosewinder; Brythene the Unmaker
Senua Xanthris, Bladewife of Bathor Arena

7 thoughts on “Drukhari: MURMAIDER

  1. These guys look really fantastic. The models themselves are top notch, and then the basing really adds so much on top of the assembly choices and paint schemes.


      1. It’s definitely an effective look. I can just imagine them slashing through the floor of a rainforest!
        I typoed “splashing” there – but both make sense!


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