Drukhari: The Bladewife of Bathor Arena (and friends)

Nothing quite finished to show off just yet (because if it ain’t based, then it’s not finished, is it?) but I did manage to get most of the way there on another three Wyches this week. 3 left and I’m done!

It must be said that pictured here they look like an incredibly disjointed bunch! I always add a few variant colour schemes into my armies & kill teams – it just so happens these are all three of those at once.

L-R: Ievann Skol, the Thrice-dead; Senua Xanthris, Bladewife of Bathor Arena; Yseult Trestyn, called The Red Rain; Brythene the Unmaker; Aneurh Mistdancer; Feiverh “Dream” Vaxal; Xorel Noosecrafter.

Does that make any more sense? Will I ever manage to effectively photograph a model that’s leaning forward off her toe like that? Who can say.

Anyway, I might go back and make young Feiverh’s coral-pink hair a little more noticeably pink, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with them.

3 thoughts on “Drukhari: The Bladewife of Bathor Arena (and friends)

  1. That’s a Dead Sexy (that’s the right term, right?) group of Dark Eldar/Drukhari! I’ve definitely got to get a kill-team made of these guys.


    1. Thanks mate! DE are already basically a heavily-armed street gang in regular 40k, so they seem like a really natural fit for Kill Team. There’s so many options for them, you really can make every one a proper individual. A fun little project for sure.


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