Drukhari: dynamite fishing

After an extended Thracian vacation (Holiday in Bulgaria?), I decided to return to my toxic forest friends.

Your standard impaler is kind of a two-pronged, giant toasting fork type of thing, which obviously is designed to evoke the trident of the retiarus gladiator. I decided I wanted something heavier & stabbier, so I nicked a different spear from the scourges and flipped it so that she uses it overhand.


This blaster warrior got a simple head swap (also from the scourges) and then a hair swap – the braid on the original head would have stuck out a mile and almost certainly broken off as soon as I transported this dude for a game, so I nicked a different haircut from the wyches and now the whole model fits a bit more comfortably on its base.

Anyway, enjoy some cool mermaid hair and be careful in your local haunted forest.

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