Thracians: I warned you about movement trays

Whennnnn you hear the warcry

And the javelins fly

That’s a lochos

OK! Despite the previous, eloquent explanation above, you may still have a question: what’s a lochos? Well: a lochos is a Greek term (surprise) which is generally translated to mean ‘company’ (as in a group of soldiers) but literally means ‘ambush’. A lochos, therefore, was a company of warriors sent in to hostile or at least contested territory to raid farms, take prisoners – generally do dirty deeds. A kind of ‘kill-team,’ if you will. In the upcoming skirmish game Mortal Gods, set during the long but generally low-intensity conflicts of the Peloponnesian Wars, a lochos is the term used to describe your little force of bad-enough dudes. And that’s what you see above.

Young Rhescuporis serves as the lochagos – the group’s leader, who totally can go out and cut people but is also a very important support character to the troops around him, who are 5 units of peltasts. The peltasts, as you can see, form up in this game on 3-man movement trays, which would be very easy if I’d done the sensible thing and put these guys on 25mm bases, but of course I didn’t. Some of them were already on 30mm bases, having been rebased from 20mm square bases, and I didn’t feel like rebasing them yet again, so I had to do a little bit of custom chopping and whittling to make things work.

This was originally a nice 60mm machine-gun team tray from Sarissa which would fit 3 25mm bases in perfectly – after a bit of work it now just about fits 2 30mm bases and 1 25mm, which ends up looking a little bit funky, but these guys are very much irregular, skirmishing troops so I’m very much ok with them forming up in a bit of an aggressive, stabby mess.

Anyway, I’ll probably add the odd unit to supplement these guys (some archers would be nice) and I’ll definitely add a couple of other heroes, but that’s the core of my force for Mortal Gods ready to hit the table.


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