Thracians: business in the front, party in the back

Another 5 guys off the production line! These bright colours are a great antidote to the gloomy weather. I’ve started prepping these guys for use in upcoming skirmish game Mortal Gods, where they’ll probably be able to give a fuller account of themselves than in any of the ‘big battle’ historical games that are out there – the Thracians really made their name as skirmishers, after all, so it should be a natural fit. Mortal Gods has peltasts form up in units of 3, so it looks like I have some more custom movement trays in my future!

I don’t mean that to sound sarcastic, I actually love movement trays and basing. Gets me in touch with nature, without actually having to get rained on.

Speaking of Mortal Gods, they’ve put up another promo image for their own line of Thracians. If you’ve read far enough back, you might recall I was super-duper enamoured with their forthcoming peltasts!

And then there’s this guy:

Hoo boy. No thankyou.

No, really, I’m gonna pass on this one. Do we want to talk about this weird battle apron that makes him look like he’s wearing an adult diaper? Or maybe the weird cut out tunic so he can show off his manly sideboobs? Maybe we could instead talk about how that’s not what a fucking rhomphaia looks like, goddammit.

Excerpt from Osprey’s The Thracians

I don’t understand why miniature companies seem to have such a hard time getting these swords right! There’s archaeological evidence! They’re long, straight swords! With long handles! And they don’t have silly droopy tips! And I am a salty old man on the internet now, apparently! Happens to us all eventually, I guess.

Anyway, it’s not really dampening my enthusiasm for the game (he’s not the only Thracian character they have in development, and the other one looks much more promising) and I get that Mortal Gods takes a rather fast-and-loose, Assassin’s Creed-esque approach to the historical material (and frankly, I’m right there with them), but this guy’s not going to make it onto the shopping list. On the other hand…

… that guy definitely is.


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