The Legion of Blood: so your horse isn’t goth enough…

A quick sculpting tutorial nobody asked for, by ssspectre.

I got my metal blood knights very cheaply off ebay, but they were cheap for a reason – they were missing a horsie. So after a little thought, I decided to grab an old chaos knight horse (these have a similar size & build to the proper blood knight horses, as well as a lot of similar armour components) and try to convert its barding to look a little more Sylvanian.

We start with half a horse, with most of its existing iconography sawn & shaved off:

And a tool that shall be known henceforth as the Mk.1 Stabby Gouger.

Obviously, you use whatever you’re happiest with, but I find this thing does the job for me in a lot of situations. Remember to keep your sculpting tools well lubricated whenever you’re using them or you’ll get nowhere. Everybody has their own favourite lube for this job, but personally I’ve found that nothing works so well as your own saliva. Gross? Maybe. But it’s free, slightly slimy, completely transparent and it washes off easily when you’re done.

Now, begin by rolling a small sausage of green stuff, maybe 3cm long & 0.5cm thick. Press this into place and flatten it out until it takes up about a third of the space that you eventually want to be armoured. Should look a bit like this:

Next, add more sausages until you’ve covered the area you want to cover. You do need to make sure these sausages extend a little further along than you eventually want to see them, because before the end you’ll be carving out the little dips between the ‘fingers’ that you see in bat wings.

Your next step is to use the curved outside of the Stabby Gouger to begin hollowing out your sausages (I hope you all are keeping up with the technical jargon OK). Basically just apply some pressure and roll the Gouger back & forth slightly until you start to get noticeable ridges where the sausages meet each other.

Keep working at this –  you want to develop some quite pronounced ridges here. Obviously in this case we want this wing shape to have a kind of starting point at the horse’s breastbone, so use the Gouger to push these ridges up a bit so they bunch up nicely. The thing I like about the Gouger for this job is that it tapers bit, so you can use the part nearer the tip to continue to roll & smooth out the ‘skin’ of this wing in case this bunching process causes any unsightly folds to develop.

Once you’re happy with the definition of your wing’s finger-ridges, you want to start defining the ‘claws’ of the wing. This is done here by just carving out some gentle u-shaped dips in the ends of the wing between the fingers. There may be a better tool for the job, but I use the stabbing tip of the Stabby Gouger to essentially perforate these wing edges, before then dragging the excess green stuff away from the wing.

This leaves a little bit of a raggedy mess (I told you there was probably a better tool for the job), so we go in & clean up a bit, trying to leave a smooth edge to the wing and some nice, defined points.

And there you have it: one of the easier sculpting jobs you’ll ever do. I hope some of you find this useful one day!


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